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New Patient Process - What To Expect

  • Request an appointment through our website or call us at 512-200-3945 to schedule appointment.

  • Our office will call you back to discuss your case, to get some information and will help you get scheduled.

  • You will receive an email from our office with the 'New patient initial paperwork'

  • Please complete all paperwork electronically by editing the pdf document and sign electronically as per instructions under Patient forms. Alternatively, you may print, fill, wet sign & scan/email your completed paperwork or bring in the paper work on your first visit.

  • We will collect the estimated amount of your costshare (if using insurance)/fees at the time of your appointment, using Credit/Debit card, Cheque or Cash. You may use your HSA/FSA card if applicable.

  • If you need to re-schedule your appointment for any reason, please contact us immediately.

  • If you are unsure, We offer 20 min FREE Physical Therapy Discovery session via phone, telehealth conference or in-person. Contact us if you're interested.

How do I get started?: FAQ
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