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Health Promotion / Preventive Care

We offer:

 In-person (Clinic/Office) visits

 Tele-Conference visits

Quintessence Physical Therapy offers a great Wellness Program that bridges the gap between the Physical therapy and Fitness industries. This is accomplished by offering affordable, supervised fitness programs for people of all fitness levels. 

Wellness visits are visits designed to improve your overall health, general wellness, strengthening and/or conditioning. Unlike a personal trainer who performs similar fitness visits, these one-on-one visits are performed by an expert in body movement - an experienced Physical Therapist. Being trained by a physical therapist ensures that the most optimal evidence-based exercises will be utilized in the safest possible way. We also cover other aspects of Wellness based on your needs. As wellness visits are not deemed medically necessary, all wellness visits are paid in cash.

Wellness Program is not intended to replace any aspect of medical treatment of a participant’s condition. By offering this service we can help bridge the gap between recovering from an injury and enhanced physical conditioning.

Our sole purpose is to enhance the health, well-being and physical performance of clients by providing quality effective, wellness and physical therapy programs.

Who can benefit from our Wellness Program?

  • Clients who want to get back to prior fitness levels and need coaching in their journey to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Clients who have completed their physical therapy program and are looking to maintain their current level of health and wellness.

  • Clients who would like to continue to improve their fitness level under the supervision of a physical therapist.

  • It's perfect for those who haven't been very active over the past few months and want to get back to leading a healthy and active lifestyle. 

What is included in Wellness program?:

  • Wellness screen

  • All aspects of wellness

  • Strategies to deal with post-COVID syndrome

  • Injury prevention

  • Health promotion

  • One-on-one personalized exercise routine (yoga + mat pilates + corrective exercises) under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist. Its designed to your specific needs

  • Answers to your questions and concerns by an experienced healthcare professional with a background in holistic care

  • We offer 30 min and 60 min sessions

How do I get started in the wellness program?

Call us now and make an appointment with our physical therapist who will then develop an exercise program to fit your personal needs and help you reach your wellness goals.

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