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What is a Telehealth visit / Specialized Tele-Physio conference?

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Research has shown that patient education, assessment of the contributing factors/movement patterns, correction by addressing those factors, and implementation of specific movement/exercise programs based on evidence-based kinesiology, are pivotal to help you make substantial progress with therapy. In modern world, as we are moving forward with advanced technology, physical therapy has shown to be very successful through Telehealth/Video-conference for most diagnoses. We educate you and instruct you on techniques that you can perform yourself through coaching and guide you with individualized exercise prescription just like an in-clinic visit to help you reach your goals. Guided Rehab and Self care empowers you to be in control of your recovery process and to reach great outcomes with the easy facilitation of our online consultation. We coach you through the entire rehabilitation process while performing ongoing assessments as warranted during your subsequent sessions. 

You will need a laptop or a smartphone or a tablet, strong internet connection and some open space to move (sit/stand/lie down) around easily. You need the microphone and camera feature working. 

IMPORTANT:  AVOID any streaming in the background or on any other devices during the video call for improved quality and experience. You will need to click on the video-link that is sent to you in your email to get the session started (through a secure HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform), on the scheduled date and time. This will save you time off work, traffic, gas/mileage, and unnecessary stress. It is as easy as it sounds and cannot get better than this.

Online Physical Therapy - Just a click away. 

What is a Telehealth visit?: Our Clinic
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