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Pelvic Health / Women's health

We offer:

-> In-person (Clinic/Office or Mobile/House call) visits

-> Specialized Tele-physio conference (Telehealth) visits

What is Pelvic Health? 

Any issues related to bowel, bladder or sexual function fall under Pelvic health. Everything between your rib-cage and your knees is closely related to your pelvic floor. The diaphragm and core muscles work synergistically with the pelvic floor. Any inter-muscular imbalance, fascial restrictions, changes in abdominal pressure, scars and previous injuries can affect the pelvic floor function. Pelvic floor issues could be caused due to a lot of different factors like Stress, Nutrition, Trauma, Anxiety, Childbirth, Hormonal imbalances, Muscular imbalances, Coordination deficits, Soft tissue restrictions, other Joint-related issues, abnormal Gait, Pelvic Instability, altered Breathing patterns, other Medical conditions, Neural irritation, Chronic pain issues, and/or even TMD / TMJ associated issues.

That's where Holistic approach comes in. Our pelvic floor specialist will assess all aspects to determine the contributing factors to your symptoms and address each of those during the pelvic floor therapy sessions at Quintessence Physical Therapy.

As per the Texas Direct Access law that was passed in Nov'19, you do not need a physician's referral to see a physical therapist / pelvic floor therapist. We prefer to have your physician's contact information on file to communicate about your status and progress with them in a timely manner.

Prenatal Physical therapy:

1st visit can be scheduled around 24-30 weeks. Pelvic floor therapist can help you with any aches/pains that you have during pregnancy, assess your pelvic floor function, overall wellness, provide you with tools/techniques to use when dealing with common prenatal conditions and prepare you for child-birth and for optimum post-partum healing. You'll be empowered, in control and supported throughout your pregnancy.

Postpartum Physical therapy: 

This visit is usually scheduled 6 weeks post partum and will focus on helping you restore your pelvic floor, core; address other aches/pains, wellness and a care plan to get back to being active and fit in a safe manner while taking care of your baby. It will include manual therapy / myofascial work based on the physical therapy assessment. We may provide a mobile / home visit if the schedule permits, so that you can stay close to your baby while getting the care that you deserve!

Call us if you have questions - 512-200-3945

Assessment & Diagnosis

Comprehensive Evaluation

We start with a detailed history to understand all the facets of the problem. We take great care to make you feel comfortable at Quintessence Physical Therapy. Your session will be an hour long and it will be One-on-one with an experienced pelvic floor therapist. You'll see the same therapist each visit. We offer a 20 min free discovery session before you schedule an evaluation session, if you have any questions and concerns. It can be scheduled as a phone consultation / video conference or an in-person visit.

Expect an internal exam (vaginal or rectal, depending on your presentation), but that may not always be the case. Performing an assessment of the pelvic floor internally gives us valuable information about the impairments that you may have. It is one part of the evaluation process. Internal exam depends on the need of the condition, and readiness of the patient. If it is warranted, it need not be performed on the first visit. Nothing should ever be rushed or forced by anyone involved in your care. Communicate with us about your concerns and we will work around it for you.

A comprehensive external exam is performed for lower back, lower extremities and any other regions that could be related to the symptoms that you present with. Assessments are done to look at other related joints, movement patterns, strength, mobility and contributing factors. If you have any questions, contact us.

Treatment & Therapy

Personalized care

At Quintessence Physical Therapy, an Individualized Treatment Plan will be formulated (based on the clinical findings) that will be very specific for you. You will be given a home exercise program to assist with the recovery process. The number of visits that you will need will be based on your specific condition, prognoses and goals from therapy. All your Questions and Concerns will be addressed by your Therapist. 

As the awareness of Pelvic Floor Therapy is growing, people with pelvic health conditions are now feeling more in control as they can get the much-needed treatment that can improve their Quality of life tremendously. If you're reading this and you have been dealing with pelvic discomfort or pain or leakage for a while; you are at the right spot. We can help you.

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