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PT Treatment Options

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 Telehealth / Virtual visit

Specialized Tele-Physio Conference

We strive to ensure that our patients are getting the care that they need - even during these unprecedented times - so that you can still reach your Goals! 

This option is available for Initial evaluation and/or treatment sessions. We offer this option for Pelvic floor patients as well. Contact us if you have any questions. 

To learn more about Telehealth / Virtual visit, Click Here: 


In Clinic/Office visit

Includes Manual Therapy

You have the choice of In-clinic/Office visit for your first visit / Initial evaluation and/or the subsequent visits for Treatment sessions based on your specific needs and goals, as discussed with your therapist during the evaluation process. 

During the first visit, A detailed history will be taken initially to know your story, to analyze the contributing factors and to understand the prognoses. We will perform comprehensive examination to gather data about your current status, based on the complaints that you present with. The plan of care will be discussed for full recovery. The Treatment sessions, will be individualized based on your condition, diagnoses, contributing factors, goals ands needs. Open Communication with your therapist will be vital for the success with therapy.

We are following strict COVID guidelines for the safety of our patients and staff for In-person visits. Please click here to learn more:

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Mobile visit (House call) - COMING SOON!!

Includes Manual Therapy

Mobile visit is exactly like an In-clinic visit, but in the safe comfort of your home. We come to your house on the scheduled date and time and we bring the tools that we need with us. You don't have to worry about driving to the clinic, managing commute time or being stuck in traffic.

This option is available for Initial Evaluation as well as Treatment sessions. Please refer to the FAQ section (bottom of the page) for more information on this option. Click here to learn more:

PT Treatment Options: Services
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