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Insurance and Billing

We understand how important it is to manage your Healthcare costs. We know how confusing and cumbersome it is to navigate the world of Insurance from co-payment, co-insurance, deductibles to out-of-pocket maximum. 

Here, at Quintessence Physical Therapy, your therapist will strive to get to the root cause of your issue so that you can heal better faster, so that you can achieve your goals. At our clinic, we believe in high quality care of our patients. We have chosen not to follow typical/traditional clinic model because here our focus is on YOU and we insist on an individualized holistic approach to your specific treatment needs. We have chosen not to let the changing insurance reimbursement patterns influence our high-level patient care. You receive One-on-One individualized care for the entire treatment time with our highly trained therapist, every single time, which leads to quicker and lasting results.

In a typical/traditional physical therapy clinic, due to progressively worsening insurance reimbursement, providers are required to treat multiple patients in an hour (2-3 per hour), utilize multiple modalities (like heat-packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc) and generalized exercises for multiple patients within that time-frame, to be able to cover their overhead costs and support staff. These clinics typically have “unskilled” Techs / Aides to assist with some/much of the patient care, to be able to survive. At our clinic, we do not accept any compromise in our ability to provide world class quality care of our patients. In our clinic, we only require 1 visit/week (in some cases, 2 per week depending on patient need). We work with our patients directly and help them with the insurance reimbursement process based on their out-of-network benefits. Our patients appreciate the clarity and transparency of the process.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your benefits based on your provided insurance information and will inform you prior to your first visit so that you know what to expect. We cannot guarantee any insurance approvals or reimbursement, hence we recommend patients to contact their insurance directly to understand their benefits as well.

We will try our best to estimate your coinsurance or deductible before your appointment but it is difficult to estimate exact fees. We request you to pay your share of coinsurance or deductible at the time of service in full. 

When you have high deductible to meet, getting services at an out-of-network clinic could be same or lower cost to you overtime, as it would be at an traditional clinic.

We will bill your insurance company for the services provided on your behalf. We will do the claims paperwork and submission for you. We expect you to pay initial clinic estimated charge at the time of service. After insurance claims are processed, we will either refund or send you a bill for unpaid charges towards your deductible/co-insurance. If you do not see any communication from your insurance company in 3-4 weeks time, please contact your insurance company and enquire about the reasons for delay. In case insurance reimbursement is sent directly to you, please return any provider's cost share as stated on EOB, promptly to avoid any insurance fraud issues. We prefer to keep your credit card information on file, so we can manage refund/charge after claims are processed.

We are Participating Medicare provider and we are accepting Medicare patients at this time. 

For patients with no insurance coverage or those who do not intend to use their insurance(not applicable to Medicare), we offer Self-pay visit charge. You may request Good Faith Estimate for treatment. Please contact us for details via phone or email. Contact Us

We are here to help you!


Insurance & Billing: FAQ
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